CH2O works in the intersections between design and technology, blurring boundaries between art and design. The Lab is a creative space for different specialists to work on incredible ideas. 


Chiara Zaccagnini 

Chiara is a professional with extensive experience in architecture and design, working for international studios such as Foster and Partners , Amanda Levete Architects and Heatherwick studio. She completed the Victoria and Albert Museum Exhibition Road project that informed and inspired her practice and work. 

Chiara is a highly experimental architect, always seeking out new ways to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of architecture. Despite her focus on cutting-edge technology,Chiara is also deeply respectful of history and context heritage. As an architect who grew up in Rome,her origins informed and reinforced her passion for Heritage and Art.

She understands the importance of preserving the legacy of the past, particularly in the realm of architecture, and works to integrate historical and cultural influences into her designs.

Through this approach, she is able to create designs that are not only visually striking and technologically advanced but also rooted in their cultural and historical context. This ensures that her work has a lasting impact and contributes to the preservation and celebration of cultural heritage.

After working for many years in the architecture industry with renowned international studios, Chiara embarked on a new journey as a founder of the creative studio CH2O. At CH2O, she has established a laboratory of art and design, where she explores and researches the intersection between architecture design and technology.


She possesses a strong passion for design and is highly motivated to broaden her professional network, collaborate with outstanding companies and take on challenging design projects.

Architecture and Design Collaborators

Studio VoA – Architettura e Design (

Valentina e Chiara work together since their first met in Heatherwick Studio, completing and renovating each other architectural awareness.


Valentina Occhini

Founder of the creative studio VoA, Valentina is an architect and designer interested in Sustainable Architectural and Urban Renovation, based in Milan. She worked as an architectural professional for many years, working for international studios such as Studio Libeskind, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Heatherwick Studio. She participated in re-thinking cities with Sidewalk Labs in Toronto and Google’s new plans in San Jose, California projects that informed and inspired her practice and work. Her studio focuses on the engagement between architecture and organic matter, built heritage and interstitial nature, implementing all bits of biophilia in every project from small to large. Her passion for natural processes helps her to freely explore ideas and making, which inform and inspire her practice, communications and design. As an architect and designer her research focuses particularly on the cross boundaries between the fields of architecture and research, she believes in contamination and transformation processes of materials and evolution of the projects within history of the context. She believes in a fluid communication with the clients that blends together people and environmental needs. She uses BIM modeling, drawing, drafting, to work on projects fluidly with different tools from drafting to advanced digital data platforms.

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