3DP Bin Bag is designed to look and feel like a re-cycled plastic bag, using recycled materials. The geometry has been generated using Rhino 3D Grasshopper algorithms to mimic the plastic bags’ wrinkles forms, shallow and deep, of all different and anthropomorphic shapes.

Design and 3D printed in London, using recycled filament such as Reflow’s  rPETG’s products that  are fully recycled from medical tray waste.



Colors available : Transparent, light pink , light blue


Material : Material : Clear rPETG 100% Recycled

Printing time: 13.25h 

3D Printer used: Ultimaker 3

Dimension: H: 20cm x Ø: 17.5cm

Weight : 255g

Energy Consumption: 1.53kWh

Zero Production Waste

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