Digital Landscapes

The project explores social communication as a fundamental key for our society, it presents it through visuals and generated sculptures of human / machine interactions.
The work exhibited at WappArt in Wapping London shows a series of sculptures generated from interactions with the viewers and sound so that the sculptures exposed are “memories”,fragments of previews artwork’s interactions. This project is an ongoing work

that grows with its exhibitions.


The more it is exhibited the more the sculptures are generated. The more it meets people the more the sculptures numbers grows.


The puzzles of sculptures encrypts the artwork’s impressions of it’s interactions with the viewer , space, and sound.

Fluid expression and digital simulation is an ongoing research focused to explore technology and new fabrication techniques with new form of visual and virtual communication .

For this project were used Processing Java coding , kinect and sound sensors speakers for the sound interaction design, 3D scanning , data modelling to creates the illustrated artworks.

This project is an ongoing research that she explores in her work questioning new form of visual communication where uses of technology become an inspiring tool to question and explore us and our surrounding.

Image interaction and 3D geometry transformation​

Fine Art prints _